Frequently Asked Questions

Q) How can Scorbly Plus support both Tennis and Pickleball?

A) Scorbly Plus has a game setting that selects either Tennis or Pickleball. Each setting selects a design that is specifically designed for the score rules of that game.

Q) Who controls the remote control?

A) Any of the players can update the score with the remote. Faster paced Pickleball games often have standby players on the sideline operate the remote. It comes with a retractable lanyard that clips to your waistband. Just pull the small remote away from your waist, click one button and let it spring back to your waist.

Q) How far will the remote control operate?

A) The remote control is very responsive and has a range of up to 150 ft. 

Q) Is the Display visible from across the court?

A) Yes, the Display has 5" digits with super bright LED's and is clearly visible for over 150 ft. 

Q) Is the scoreboard rechargeable?

A) Yes, Scorbly is rechargeable using a USB power source. Charge at home using the wall plug USB adaptor (included) or on the go with standard USB power sources (such as in your car). 

Q) How can I hang the scoreboard?

A) Scorbly has a standard 1/4" universal attach point which is compatible with inexpensive camera mount gear (tripods, post mounts...) giving you ultimate flexibility. A fence mount adaptor in included.

Q) How big and heavy is the scoreboard?

A) Scorbly is about 11" x 9" x 1.5" and weighs about 2 lbs. Easily fits in your gear bag.

Q) What's included with the Scorbly Plus?

A) A portable electronic scoreboard, 4-button remote control with retractable lanyard, fence mounting attachment, USB Charger and cable.

Q) Is there any support for Clubs, Leagues, Schools, Universities?

A) Yes! There is a 20% discount for purchases of five or more units. Organizations can also opt to customize the scoreboard with their brand colors and logo. Please contact us at for details.