The Founder's Story

I love to build things. It started at age 5 when I received a Lincoln Logs set. I was hooked. Later, in high school, I bought a beat up '67 Mustang for $100. Rebuilt the engine heads and carburetor, because I thought it would be "fun".  After getting a BSEE, MSCE, and MBA, plus 30 years of designing computers and writing software, I decided to take a break from corporate life to pursue two of my other  passions, namely sailing and tennis.

While attempting to develop the perfect tennis forehand (a work in progress) and trying out pickleball with friends, I was surprised on how often players (myself included) would lose track of the score. Someone would usually remember, but others would often question that call. At some point, I started saying "we need a magic scoreboard!!".  You know, one that is portable, visible in direct sunlight, remote control, tracks and displays every point and doesn't require flipping cards or a spectator to update the score. I searched the internet but found nothing! Frustrated, I thought "I should build one!" A new project was born.

After two years and a dozen prototypes to refine and test the remote control, battery, display, base and thermal designs, I have a portable electronic scoreboard that works perfectly! My friends couldn't be happier. It's less noisy on the court without players shouting scores, and everyone is in-synch on the score. It's also cool when players on other courts watch you light up the scoreboard :-) We can't image playing without it.

I call it Scorbly (a mix of "score" and "brilliantly") .

What started out as a pet project for me, my friends began asking for a Scorbly. Maybe you'd like one too?

Best Regards,

George Myers
- Creator of Scorbly