"Keeping everyone in synch on the score was like herding cats. Having a scoreboard that everyone can see is game changer" -Scorbly Volleyball product tester

Simple One-Click Scoring

A small remote control on a retractable cord clips to a players' waistband. Any player (or even someone on the sidelines) can use it. No setup is required. Just click the remote control once after each point. Scorbly will do the rest. It's that simple.

Mounts Anywhere

While Scorbly includes a fence mounting attachment, a standard ¼” mounting attach point allows placement anywhere using inexpensive camera mounting gear such as Post Mounts, Tri-pods, etc...

Clearly Visible in Direct Sunlight

The ultra-bright display can be clearly seen throughout the day - even on the brightest day at the beach!

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One-Click Scoring

  • Just click the remote once after each rally/point.
  • Click A when Team A wins a rally, click B for Team B.
  • Scorbly instantly updates and displays scores.
  • Scorbly indicates which team serves next (for side-out)
  • Replay and edit previous point entries.

Electronic Display

  • Everyone can see the score at anytime
  • Visible up to 200 ft
  • Over 3 hours of play between charges
  • Portable, mount anywhere
  • Easy to read, even in direct sunlight

Multiple Scoring Formats

  • Beach, Indoor, Olympic...
  • Rally and Side-Out
  • 15, 21 and 25 pt sets
  • 15 pt tiebreaks
  • More detail here


Scoreboard Display

  • Digit Size: 4.75" high
  • Case Size: 10.75" x 8.5" x 1.5"
  • Weight: 1.75 lbs.
  • Luminous Intensity (max): 5,600 lumens / 450 candlepower
  • Dimmable brightness settings
  • Visible up to 200 ft

Scoreboard Power

  • Rechargeable through USB-C port
  • Supports all standard USB power sources
  • USB wall adaptor and cable included
  • Min Capacity: 3hrs (min) at default power settings from full charge
  • Max Capacity: 10hrs (min) in power saver mode
  • Recharge time: 3.5 hrs (max) using 1.5A USB power source

Remote Control

  • 4-button low power 433 MHz RF transmitter
  • Operating range up to 200 ft
  • Waist-band clip with retractable lanyard
  • Remote is ‘paired’ to the scoreboard


  • Operating Temperature Range: 32 F - 140 F
  • UV resistant materials - designed for direct sun exposure
  • Water resistance - avoid rain and immersion with liquids


Scorbly currently supports the following scoring formats:

Pts / Game (Set) Games (Sets) / Match Tiebreaks
15 (side-out) unlimited no tiebreaks
15 (side-out) best of 3 no tiebreaks
15 (side-out) best of 5 no tiebreaks
21 (rally) unlimited no tiebreaks
21 (rally) best of 3 no tiebreaks
21 (rally) best of 3 15 pt tiebreak
21 (rally) best of 5 no tiebreaks
21 (rally) best of 5 15 pt tiebreak
25 (rally) unlimited no tiebreaks
25 (rally) best of 3 no tiebreaks
25 (rally) best of 3 15 pt tiebreak
25 (rally) best of 5 no tiebreaks
25 (rally) best of 5 15 pt tiebreak
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Volleyball Score Keeper

Volleyball Score Keeper

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Drop the hassle and focus on the fun with Scorbly Volleyball Score Keeper. No more shouting scores, annoying questions, and disruptive arguments - just focused, uninterrupted gameplay. Includes an Ultra-Bright Digital Scoreboard, Remote Control with Clip and Retractable Cord, USB Wall Adapter and Cable, plus a Fence Mount Adapter.

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