Scorbly Pickleball Product Guide

Here you have 24x7 access to the latest revision of instructions and demonstration videos from any connected device. Scorbly Pickleball is simple to operate and is preconfigured to operate directly out of the box. You will also find many advanced options which can be configured.


what's included



  • Do not stare into it at a close distance.


  • Do not expose the product to temperatures above 140 F / 60 C (i.e. auto dashboards or trunks)
  • Do not recharge in freezing temperatures (below 32 F / 0 C).


  • Do not expose the product to rain or snow.

Power Up

The power button is located on the lower front left corner of the scoreboard.


  1. Press and hold the power button (*)
  2. Release when you hear the beep and/or see dashes. 


  1. Press and hold the power button (*)
  2. Release when you hear the beep and/or the display turns off 

(*) NOTE If you continue to hold the power button for five more seconds, Scorbly will enter Advanced Settings Mode. More on this later.

    Upon power up, Scorbly will then test the battery power and briefly display the battery power level (1 – 10). Power level 1 the lowest while
    Power Levels 9-10 is fully charged.

    After displaying the battery power level, Scorbly will begin a new game. You can now use the remote control to change the score.

    Charge the Battery

    The scoreboard is rechargeable through a USB Type-C connector using a certified USB power source. A USB wall adapter and charge cable are included.

    To charge the scoreboard, turn off the scoreboard and connect the USB power source.

    The charger status lights are located on the display unit just above the power switch. The following table describes the status based on the various LED states.

    Keeping Score with the Remote Control

    The remote control is ready to use out of the box. Just press a button to update the score. Scorbly includes a belt clip with retractable cord that can be attached to the remote control. This makes it easy for a player to quickly update the score while on the court.

    The remote control has 4 buttons labeled A, B, C and D.

    A: press when team A wins a serve/rally *
    B: press when team B wins a serve/rally *
    C: rewind through the saved scores
    D: return forward though the scores

    (*) Press A or B once after each serve/rally.

    So if Team A misses a serve, press button "B". Scorbly will determine if a point is awarded or if there is a change in server possession.  

    View the demonstration videos below to see how to keep score and track who serves next with Scorbly.

    Scorbly will update and appropriately display the point scores, server and server position when you click the remote control. The default set-up is configured to play Doubles Pickleball to 11 points (win by 2). 

    The first point of the match will be served by team A (the score on top). For each follow-on game, the first server will be the team that won the previous game.

    After each serve/rally, press "A" or "B" depending on which team won the serve/rally. So for example, if team A serves but misses the serve, then press "B".  Scorbly will always figure out if a point is awarded or if the server changes.

    To configure Scorbly for Singles Pickleball go to the Advanced Settings section for instructions.

    Which Team Serves Next?

    The first team to serve in the match should be assigned to Team A  (the top score). Scorbly will then automatically determine player/team is serving based on standard server rotation rules.

    During a game, Scorbly Pickleball displays which player is serving next. At the beginning of the next game of a match, the team that won the previous game will serve first.

    Mounting the Scoreboard

    On the center back of the scoreboard there is a ¼” mounting point that can attach to any standard camera mounting gear. A thumbscrew is included for hanging the scoreboard on a court fence. The single attach point allows you to hang between seams of wind screens found on many court fences. Screw the thumbscrew into the 1/4" mounting point and then hang the scoreboard by guiding the thumbscrew head through a link of the fence.

    There are also a vast array of other mounting options available on many online stores. Inexpensive tri-pods or fence post clamps provide excellent alternatives if fence mounting is not an option.

    Example Camera Mounting Options  

    Advanced Settings

    Scorbly Pickleball is ready to use out-of-the-box with default settings, plus there are a number of other configurations you can choose as follows.

    Game Options "gA"

    Scorbly Pickleball can support Singles or Doubles matches.

    Singles  "11" or "P1"
    Doubles "12" or "P2" (default setting)

    Score Options "oP"

    Not Applicable for Scorbly Pickleball

    Bright Level "br"

    This setting sets the display brightness used during score updates (when a key is pressed and the updated score is flashing) . The default settings will support 3+ hrs of operation from a fully charged battery. Lower settings will prolong operation.

    Highest "55"  (default setting)
    Lowest  "11" 

    Dim Level "di"

    This setting sets the display brightness used in between score updates (after the updated score stops flashing). The default settings will support 3+ hrs of operation from a fully charged battery. Lower settings will prolong operation.

    Highest "55"  
                  "44" (default setting)
    Lowest  "11" 

    Display Refresh "rF"

    This is a power saving feature that flashes the score every 3 seconds. The scoreboard will automatically turn this on when the battery charge is very low.

    Off "00"  (default setting)
    On "11"  

    Beeper "bP"

    Off "00"  
    On "11"  (default setting)


    How to Change Settings Demonstration Video


    Scorbly Pickleball Advanced Settings Menu (example settings)